The school is a haven of peace 10 minutes from Paris.

The building, built at the end of the1960s is situated in a haven of greenery close to the RER Line A station. The circular architecture makes for harmonious spaces and is favourable to concentration. The vegetation is varied and lush and each class has its own garden that surrounds the building.

The Baltard Pavillion, the ancient Market Hall from Chatelet les Halles was saved from destruction and reassembled and restored in Nogent-sur-Marne. It faces the school and having this historic French monument as our neighbor reminds us of the art deco past of Paris.

E.M.I.T welcomes approximately 130 children aged 2 to 12.

The Toddler Community welcomes children aged 2 to 3 and a half.

This classroom is very bright with light coming in through its bay windows that give onto the garden. The work area is spacious, with a small mezzanine to calmly look at books or rest while watching the beehive underneath. This is an area reserved for personnal hygiene, an area for reading and listening to music or storytelling.

The bright space is organised and attractive and allows the youngest children of the school to direct themselves all the while feeling reassured and very quickly becomes suitable and ideal for working.

The two Children’s Houses welcome children aged 3 to 6.

All of the pedagogical material on the shelves is perfectly adapted to the child’s strength and needs. Each class has a Practical Life area, a sensorial area, a mathematics area and a language area. Each class has its little library and music areas. The gardens are extentions to the classroom space and like the Toddler Community they are bright and spacious allowing the children to comfortably work with the material at hand.

The elementary classroom gathers children aged 6 to 12

The elementary classroom gathers children aged 6 to 12 in a 200 square meter work space on the second floor. Four work spaces are used by the children : the area for the math material and sensorial work, a language room in which we can find the bilingual library, the area for the sciences, geography and history. The music and arts material is integrated into the classroom.

The teachers divide the subjects up and propose small group presentations or research projects alternatively to the students.

The lunchroom

The lunchroom is vast and gives out onto the picnic area. Children can eat comfortably outdoors at the picnic tables in order to take advantage of the nice weather. The play yard and vegetable gardens are accessible to the children during their recreation time.

The children can take advantage of the arts and crafts room as well as the paintng workshop esêcially on Wednesdays.

Hygiene and sanitary conditions

Hygiene and the respect of sanitary conditions are of the utmost importance in our school. We are equipped with a steam disinfection machine (Unitekno 903PRO brand ) used in the medical field. We ventilate all of the spaces on a daily basis and have air purifiers (Eolis brand) throughout the school.

The vegetable and flower garden

The vegetable, fruit and flower garden, located next to the cherry tree, was created with the children and the staff of the elementary class alongside a specialist in permaculture (the Association, Le Petit Potager Urbain) in September 2019. Since then, this project has involved all of the children starting with the Toddler Community.

This association is dedicated to environmental education, sustainable development and the creation of agro ecological gardens all the while respecting the living organisms. After working and designing the ground plans, the children from the elementary class analyzed the soils and the nature of the grounds of the school in order to choose the best vegetables, fruit and flowers to sow.

The children and staff pick the herbs, enriched from our own compost from the garden, to season their lunches. For E.M.I.T., this learning experience is just as important as math and the other academic subjects.

Nous vous offrons la possibilité de faire une visite de nos locaux en photos, réalisé par nos soins pendant le confinement : Please click on this link if you would like to visit our school by looking at a series of photos that were taken during the virus lockdown